The Two of Cups, wholeness, and self-love

Two of cups

Lately, the two of cups has been following me around. I am married with two beautiful children so I did not accept the popular meaning of this card when doing readings for myself as it did not really fit in to my current situation or question. As it turns out, I did have a lot of inner work that needed to be done in order for me to find my happiness.

As I began to do readings for others professionally, I began noting that the two of cups often came up when dealing with life path and career questions. As I channeled my intuition for my querants and clients, I found that this card was much more complex than I had imagined.

The two of cups is about total understanding and acceptance of all parts of yourself; this means complete acceptance of the physical, emotional, spiritual, mental aspects in yourself. In essence it is loving yourself unconditionally. This all sounds extremely selfish but I am finding more and more that this is not the case.

In order to be a good person, in order to truly love another, we must love ourselves first. You may have heard others say this, but how often do we really put ourselves first? As a mother, teacher, wife, and tarot reader, all roles in my life have been to serve and care for others. Witchcraft actually was the practice that encouraged me to begin self-care. Through my spiritual studies and own life situations, I saw the need of self-love and care. When I took a ritual bath, when I lit candles and incense, when I meditated, when I took time for personal tarot readings and journaling, I felt as though I was healing, rejuvenating.

I used to feel drained and tired because I was unknowingly, an empath. Now that I visualize and cultivate my internal energy, I have the ability to heal and balance all of my chakras.

The two of cups commonly depicts two people facing one-another. Their arms outstretched toward one another, they hold cups or vessels. The cups represent love and emotions that they are willing to give to one another. The Celtic Tarot card in particular was one of internal balance. I began to see the opposites more clearly: water and earth, male and female. The symbol between them most often is the Caduceus of Hermes which was an ancient symbol of commerce.

This union, with the caduceus above them, shows financial strength and blessings. The caduceus also was said to represent the double helix of DNA. If we view the card now as a financial unity and as a double helix, there two more possibilities for the two of cups interpretations: family love, career love.

But since this is a cups card and the cups represent emotions, the card always requires the querant to look at themselves. The two figures, though different from one another, mirror each other. The thought of a mirror is very important in the analysis of the card. Depending on the type of question you ask, the reflection will be different.

Even if you were asking a question about a love reading and the card was pulled, the implication is that there is a passionate lover but they will be your other half…they will mirror your love back to you.

I believe this card is about looking inward. And yes, all of the tarot cards are mirrors, but this one reminds us the most of a mirror because of the duality represented in the image. It is also about inner balance. Even when we mean well and want to fix the entire world because we are sensitive, beautiful souls, we must remember to check in with our own needs. Are you anxious, angry, or depressed? When was the last time you took time to do something for yourself like cut your hair, updated your wardrobe, took a nice picture of yourself? When did you take the time to read a book or a movie that you enjoy? If you do not fill up yourself with that cup first, you will not have the love or energy to give more to others.

Once I followed the advice of this card and poured myself some of the love from the cups, my intuition began flowing like never before. My emotions began regulating, my anxiety all but vanished. Sometimes you only need to look within yourself for love and wholeness. To remind myself to take the time for self-love, I made a tiny space for a simple self-love altar: a spot which makes me smile and adds some beauty to my life.

My little self-love altar

The two of cups asks us to look within much like the high priestess (the high priestess is numerically a 2 also), but it also asks us to be gentle and loving with ourselves. Treat yourself like a lover. Be introspective, fix some things within yourself, do shadow work, but then light some candles, listen to the music which soothes your soul. Fall in love with yourself again.



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Using Tarot Responsibly- Truth and Ownership

The tarot. Many people see this system of cartomancy only as a way to read fortunes or as a game to play with. But the tarot can do many other amazing things…like tap into our subconscious mind where we can grow as people and find our role in the world. It can also be an aid to magic and a focal point on manifesting the life you want.

Use the page of swords to find the illusions in your life and remove them.

Whether tarot readers or tarot learners, we have a responsibility to be honest with ourselves. If you were given a magical sword which could cut through lies and illusions, would you use it? What would happen after you removed the lie? Would another fill that space? How can you heal from the lie you told to yourself or the illusion which someone made you believe?

If you seek the tarot in any form, you are a truth seeker. As truth seekers, it is a responsibility to unveil the truth, encourage truth, speak our truth, and act on this truth. Sure, there are times when I see the cards and I feel my stomach flip. We often know the truth in the pit of our belly and when that truth is confirmed, it is not easy to swallow. We like to hope for things to improve, for the job to be more enjoyable, for our family to be more understanding, for our spouse or children to be more agreeable…but are we doing all we can to do to improve those situations? When you find the truth, what will you do with it? Will you quit your job, move to another environment, break up with a toxic boyfriend/girlfriend?

There are times when we cannot act. There are times when we must wait and endure the undesirable situation. There are also times when we tell ourselves that we are trapped and in reality, there is an easy exit.

When we are forced to go through challenging times, the best thing we can do is to look inward and start examining how we got there. There are often patterns of behavior like low self-esteem, poor boundaries, dishonesty, lack of motivation, lack of self-love, etc. which attract the wrong people and situations into our life. Tarot gives us our power back to face that truth about ourselves and make empowered choices going forward. If you are healed on the inside, you will attract more of what you want.

The tarot asks that you look within yourself for the truth. What is your relationship to truth? Are you being honest to yourself? Are you being honest with others? Are you taking credit for the work or thoughts of others? How can you repair your relationship with truth?

Be careful to give credit where credit is due.

Sometimes we think that little lies will help other people. It is a band-aid. It is like putting a band-aid over a gushing wound and expecting that wound will close on its own. If you are trying to help someone, tell them the hard truth. The truth will allow them to face their issue with full power and clarity and then make the choice themselves whether they want to act or not. If you tell little lies, you are stealing someone else’s power without them even knowing it. It is destructive. Yes the truth is hard, painful even, and yes people will become angry with you for telling it. But guess what? They get over it. And there are some who could use a little pain and suffering at times in order to become better or stronger. If you are a tarot reader, this is especially important. People come to you and are waiting for your guidance. Querants put much faith in our ability to read the cards correctly and truthfully. Some do expect lies and placation but will that help them?

It is only through the lack of deceit and lies that we can rebuild ourselves and thus, our society and the world around us. Fix yourself and it will have a trickle down effect to your family, friends, and others who you meet. Become truth. Empower others.



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