Divination Destination Haul!

The goods

I stumbled upon Divination Destination on Instagram (@divinationdest) and honestly wasn’t quite sure what to expect until I spoke with them. I mean, online stores are a mixed bag, especially when it comes to magical and new age items. To my surprise, Divination Destination had friendly staff, a decently-sized collection (which they said is growing), and fair prices. It only took a few days for my box to reach my hot little hands.

The Signs and Symbols book was perfect. I had been looking for something to aid with creating spell work symbols and this was it.

The pages are colorful and informative without being too overwhelming. There are symbols from all over the world.

The Lenormand deck is very interesting! It is a deck created by the famous psychic Marie Lenormand and works similarly to an Oracle deck. There is a lovely and generous guide book inside of the box.

The cards are adorable! Mini-sized cards are perfect for traveling. The images are very Victorian and slightly eerie…I love it! Very excited to explore further.

Crystal Ball Reading for Beginners is an excellent reference book. I love the author’s light-hearted and sincere introduction. She is very thorough with a step-by-step approach and provides fantastic advice and ideas. Now I just need my crystal ball! The staff @divinationdest said they will be getting new items in soon so be on the lookout for new divination items!


The Witch’s Moon unboxing-may 2019

Oh my goddess! This box was oh so gorgeous and resonated so much with my personal journey. Read on for pictures and my thoughts on this month’s box!

What treasures await inside?
Paper treasures

This box makes me want to take out my book of Rumi poetry because it is that good!

The paper treasures include a sigil for passion, Amare spell, Oracle card, and Aphrodite book of shadows page.

Ritual treasures

The items I most look forward to are the ritual items. The Witches Moon makes the best-smelling salts and oils! This month has a romantic love theme, so there is a predominant and lovely rose note.

The Litha ritual salts

The bath salts are otherworldly. The salt crystals have a visually appealing shape and texture and the dried flowers make for a beautiful bath experience.

Aphrodite Anointing Oil

The anointing oil is so sensual and appealing! The flower petals inside appear to be rose and Jasmine and add such a lavish appearance. This scent seems to have more Jasmine. It is very heady…perfect for the goddess it is named after.

The highlight of the box- rose quartz mala beads

This necklace….😍

I’ve been thinking about purchasing mala or prayer beads and I’m so glad I didn’t. The rose quartz, amethyst and pearl combination are perfect together. The quality is excellent and I think I will get many years of use out of it.

This shell box makes for a divine Venus De Milo effect

The incense and beeswax spell candles are glorious as always. I love to stock my spell box with these because as a witchy woman, I go through.so.much.incense.



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Tarot and Psychic Abilities

Alright, take the image of the shrouded woman at the carnival out of your mind (unless you don’t want to…I rather like the image, personally) because that is not quite where this post is going.

Tarot has evolved A LOT over the centuries. It began as a card game and developed into fortune-telling, a magical item, and now, as a psychological development tool. But there may also be some rather unexpected side effects of this ever-popular tool—enhancement of intuition.

I have some rather different ideas about tarot and psychic abilities in general so this post may not agree with opinions of other tarot readers or psychics.

As a practitioner of witchcraft, tarot is a sacred tool and in ritual as well

My views on tarot-

The tarot, in my opinion, is a sacred tool of empowerment and also a divination system. My belief is that we empower the cards with our own energy to tap into the subconscious mind and retrieve the information we seek through the cards. I do however, believe that this energy used to empower the cards is a psychic energy.

In no way am I suggesting that tarot should not be valued as a sacred tool or that they should not be used in psychology—I think that that both are true. Tarot cards have so many gifts when used for psychological purposes and can also help to clarify a person’s choices or conflicting ideas. But for some individuals who are highly sensitive and attuned, tarot can enhance or draw out psychic abilities.

My views on psychic abilities

My opinion is that everyone has psychic energy at birth, but we tend to lose some of it as we grow older. Most adults have energy blocks or thought patterns which prevent them from opening their psychic channels.

Think about children. Kids talk to imaginary friends, use their imagination constantly to see things that aren’t there, and often claim to see ghosts or other supernatural things. This is because they allow themselves to believe that what they are experiencing is true. After they get a little older and their parents and friends tell them they were mistaken, that they didn’t see or hear anything, they forget about the incident and choose to doubt their abilities for the rest of their lives. This is unfortunate because this is the stage where many of us lost our intuition.

How the tarot develops our psychic abilities

While reading tarot, your mind is wide open because it is picking up on subtleties from the querant, from intuition, and from the archetypes on the cards. Because of the open state of the mind and the way our mind is reaching for the answers, any latent psychic abilities we possess become reawakened. It is a green light for our brain to let go of the blockage which is stopping up the waterworks of our psychic gifts.

I have noticed in my own life that using tarot has doubled my ability to use clairvoyance and clairsentience effectively. Clairvoyance is psychic seeing and clairsentience is psychic knowing.

Empaths often have clairsentience which allows you to “sense” energy. If you walk into a room and it suddenly feels creepy to you or if your own mood changes when walking from one room into another, you are sensing the energy in a space or from other people.

Clairvoyance is the ability to know something is going to happen. This can happen through predictive dreams, divination, or “flashes” of images, colors, or words in your mind.

Another way of reading tarot cards is by pure intuition. The cards “come to life” in the brain and begin explaining their story. This ability began as practicing by using imagination. I would deliberately come up with stories for the cards. Over time, I began to see things in the cards that defied explanation. People began telling me that I had a gift, that I must be a medium. The cards took shape to reveal the personalities of others that the querants asked about, the presence of children (or not), the outcome of projects, and lots of other very specific things which went way beyond the regular card meanings.

In my particular case, the tarot opened up energy blockages that I had placed on myself. I had willingly put corks into my psychic abilities because I was told that they were not acceptable or to be believed. The tarot exercises your intuition like a muscle: imagination, problem solving, and energy are required to be a talented tarot reader.

What are your thoughts, do you feel that tarot is merely used by “penny psychics” or do you think that tarot reveals hidden subconscious information to us? Please comment below, I’d love to hear from you!



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Sugarmuses Unboxing- April 2019

A very earthy box with a lot of handcrafted love!

Beautiful artwork

Sugarmuses deluxe April box is simply lovely! The gorgeous olive green packaging and pouches is perfect for this month’s theme as it explores fairies and the May Sabbat, Beltane.

I adore the beautiful Beltane art!

The box includes:


*2 crystals

*bath salt

*hand-poured candle

*Annointing oil

*2 different herbs



*Beltane Poem Art

Pink Himalayan Salt crystal and Rose Quartz
Gorgeous silver pendant
Herb infused candle

The scented items are highly scented. There is a fragrant, Jasmine note to the oil and bath salts. The candle and incense has a smoother, creamy, yet earthy vanilla scent which is wonderful.

All of the items are useful, beautiful, and great quality.

What I enjoy about this box is the home-made touches. The candle and wreath were lovingly crafted by the owners and there is a very witchy vibe that gels with me. To me, magical items are much more potent when they are handmade.

I am so looking forward to reviewing the May box!



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The Witches Moon Unboxing- April Subscription Box

Self-care, spiritual tools, and witchcraft- I wanted to treat myself to a subscription box and I am so pleased that I did!

I am beyond thrilled-this is my first subscription box and I am in love. (No, I have not been paid to do this unboxing although, Universe, I am open to this!)

How beautiful is the box?!

This was a perfect first box for me as my birthday is next month and there were many items which corresponded to Beltane which is the May esbat. Beltane is about fertility, fire, and an overall celebration of life.

Opening the box

Ever get a package which was wrapped in the most annoying way? This was not that package, thank the goddess.

The magical moment

Everything was wrapped securely and beautifully and the outer and inner boxes opened easily. When I opened the box, I was met by my oracle card (they hand select a different oracle card so that each box has its own message!) which I definitely resonate with as I have been having some indecision and stalling regarding projects that I want to start.

Gorgeous Pegasus Oracle card
My 3 year old had a great time with the confetti

The Goods

There were so many items that I couldn’t squeeze them all into the photo

I’m not going to lie. When I saw the oracle deck I squeed. As a cartomancer, I was definitely hoping for some kind of deck and I kind of dug my hands into the box to feel around for a deck. This is a lovely and unique oracle deck that I hadn’t seen before. The colors are vibrant and the pictures are very ornate yet easy to intuitively divine in a reading.

There are so many items! I was very pleased by the quality of the items, the packaging, and the value that was in this box. As an avid witch, tarot reader, and spiritual person (and a person who appreciates nice things) this was such a great find.

Here are the contents:

  • The Mystical Wisdom Oracle Deck
  • Double terminated Fluorite
  • Fluorite Book of Shadows Artwork
  • Wise Guidance Twin Spell Candles/ with dried flowers
  • Bliss Magical Anointing oil
  • Beltane Celebration Sacred Salt
  • Selenite Desert Rose
  • Ritual Rose Rope Incense
  • Pythia Ritual Jasmine Tea
  • Ginger (herb)
  • 7 barks
  • Personalized Oracle Reading
  • Parchment paper
  • Lover’s Moon Book of Shadows artwork

Everything in the box is useful and given with spell-work and magical planning in mind.

The Beltane bath salt is sumptuous. I couldn’t wait until May to use it, so I used a small amount last night. The scent is absolutely divine. It smells very clean and “green” but with a juicy, fruity note as well. There are dried flowers which create that lovely visual and aromatic romance in the water.

The Beltane anointing oil also smells fantastic but has a heavier, spicier note amidst the herbal notes. I think i can detect some clove. It is very firey and thus fits well with the esbat. The oil can be used on candles, skin, or sacred tools. I put a very small amount on my wrists and hands and it transferred a light scent to my tarot cards ❤

The Book of Shadows pages are gorgeous. Richly illustrated and informative, they will definately go on display in my magic working side of the room.

Book of Shadows pages

I hope you enjoyed this unboxing! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about this lovely box.

Have you ever tried a witchy or metaphysical subscription box? What are your favorite boxes?



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Honoring Relatives With Tarot

Today was my cousin’s birthday. It has only been five months since the day I received the news, and I wanted to do something special to honor her spirit.

There are many belief systems centered around where a soul goes once a person passes, but in most cultures world over, there are ceremonies to honor the dead. After the funeral, grieving still occurs and will continue for years or through a person’s entire life. There are ways to cope with this process, however, and to bring some warmth to a loved one’s spirit.

My cousin, at least at one point, loved tarot, witchcraft, and the occult. She would find it fitting for me to use such things to remember her and celebrate her birthday. She was bold, funny, and social and had a beautiful warmth about her personality.

To honor her memory, I used a plain shelf as an ancestor altar and placed some things that I knew were important to her on it such as a few old postcards sent from her favorite places, old bottles, and dried flowers. I then decided to light a tealight in my spirit candle jar, give an offering of chocolate and a gold coin, talk to her, and do a spirit reading.

The reading uses a very simple and direct 3 card spread:

1. What is your message for me?

2. In what way can I honor your memory?

3. Second way to honor your memory.

The message that was given was very specific and very much from my cousin. The reading was very personal to me and was something she had told me not long before she had passed.

It was an emotional yet cathartic process because it allowed me to let go of some negative emotions that I hadn’t yet admitted to myself and allowed cleansing to happen.

In a sense, you are communicating with a lost loved-one’s energy. It felt as though I were writing a letter and then opening a letter from her each time a card was drawn.

This is something I’d like to try once a month. Even if you don’t feel as though you can tap into spirit energy, this reading is worth your time because of the beautiful memories that come up as a result.

What are your thoughts on contacting or honoring the spirits of loved ones?



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The Two of Cups, wholeness, and self-love

Two of cups

Lately, the two of cups has been following me around. I am married with two beautiful children so I did not accept the popular meaning of this card when doing readings for myself as it did not really fit in to my current situation or question. As it turns out, I did have a lot of inner work that needed to be done in order for me to find my happiness.

As I began to do readings for others professionally, I began noting that the two of cups often came up when dealing with life path and career questions. As I channeled my intuition for my querants and clients, I found that this card was much more complex than I had imagined.

The two of cups is about total understanding and acceptance of all parts of yourself; this means complete acceptance of the physical, emotional, spiritual, mental aspects in yourself. In essence it is loving yourself unconditionally. This all sounds extremely selfish but I am finding more and more that this is not the case.

In order to be a good person, in order to truly love another, we must love ourselves first. You may have heard others say this, but how often do we really put ourselves first? As a mother, teacher, wife, and tarot reader, all roles in my life have been to serve and care for others. Witchcraft actually was the practice that encouraged me to begin self-care. Through my spiritual studies and own life situations, I saw the need of self-love and care. When I took a ritual bath, when I lit candles and incense, when I meditated, when I took time for personal tarot readings and journaling, I felt as though I was healing, rejuvenating.

I used to feel drained and tired because I was unknowingly, an empath. Now that I visualize and cultivate my internal energy, I have the ability to heal and balance all of my chakras.

The two of cups commonly depicts two people facing one-another. Their arms outstretched toward one another, they hold cups or vessels. The cups represent love and emotions that they are willing to give to one another. The Celtic Tarot card in particular was one of internal balance. I began to see the opposites more clearly: water and earth, male and female. The symbol between them most often is the Caduceus of Hermes which was an ancient symbol of commerce.

This union, with the caduceus above them, shows financial strength and blessings. The caduceus also was said to represent the double helix of DNA. If we view the card now as a financial unity and as a double helix, there two more possibilities for the two of cups interpretations: family love, career love.

But since this is a cups card and the cups represent emotions, the card always requires the querant to look at themselves. The two figures, though different from one another, mirror each other. The thought of a mirror is very important in the analysis of the card. Depending on the type of question you ask, the reflection will be different.

Even if you were asking a question about a love reading and the card was pulled, the implication is that there is a passionate lover but they will be your other half…they will mirror your love back to you.

I believe this card is about looking inward. And yes, all of the tarot cards are mirrors, but this one reminds us the most of a mirror because of the duality represented in the image. It is also about inner balance. Even when we mean well and want to fix the entire world because we are sensitive, beautiful souls, we must remember to check in with our own needs. Are you anxious, angry, or depressed? When was the last time you took time to do something for yourself like cut your hair, updated your wardrobe, took a nice picture of yourself? When did you take the time to read a book or a movie that you enjoy? If you do not fill up yourself with that cup first, you will not have the love or energy to give more to others.

Once I followed the advice of this card and poured myself some of the love from the cups, my intuition began flowing like never before. My emotions began regulating, my anxiety all but vanished. Sometimes you only need to look within yourself for love and wholeness. To remind myself to take the time for self-love, I made a tiny space for a simple self-love altar: a spot which makes me smile and adds some beauty to my life.

My little self-love altar

The two of cups asks us to look within much like the high priestess (the high priestess is numerically a 2 also), but it also asks us to be gentle and loving with ourselves. Treat yourself like a lover. Be introspective, fix some things within yourself, do shadow work, but then light some candles, listen to the music which soothes your soul. Fall in love with yourself again.



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