This is a space for feedback from tarot readings or spiritual services that I have provided. Please type your thoughts below and thank you for allowing me to serve and work with you.


~ Ambyr

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14 thoughts on “Reviews”

  1. I was lucky enough to win one of your free readings and I have to say I absolutely loved it! You were so right about everything you said and helped me see what was really important – I want to thank you for a very sensitive and insightful reading that went a long way to alleviaye some anxiety and concern and gave me a fresh, new outlook on my issue. I would highly recommend your services to anyone!

  2. I was lucky enough to have a reading done by Ambyr. I was impressed how she was able to pick up on important aspects of my life that no one has before. She also took the time afterwards to chat to me,

    Thank you very much Ambyr ❤️

  3. I had a wonderful reading done by Ambyr… she gave me deep insight into question I was seeking and help me choose from the choices… I would highly recommend her to anyone…
    Thank you dear… n m grateful for your reading 🙂

  4. I had a superb career reading by Amber. She was able to decipher details of not one but three different applications with such accuracy and clarity. This helps me direct my focus and energy on what matters most in finding my new work path! Thank you a million!

  5. Had an urgent question concerning an outcome regarding another person’s view of the issue…Ambyr was just amazing in the exceptional detail she dove into regarding what I could expect from that person. This allowed me to be guided into preparation for that. Beyond belief, everyone! I still can’t believe the good fortune I’ve had in finding Ambyr. Highly, highly recommend!

  6. Had another opportunity to receive a reading by Ambyr and her skills are still the same–nothing but amazing. The concern was complex. She was able to dissect it through her tarot and exposed the answer under several layers of detail. Talent beyond belief, not to mention such a kind and non-judgemental approach. So very thankful for her help and professionalism.

  7. I was fortunate to receive my first ever professional Tarot reading from Ambyr! She took what I thought was a complex question, and provided lots of detail for how to work through it. Ambyr is very insightful, provided much more useful information than I expected, and she even offered some food-for-thought questions for me to use alongside her work. Thank you for sharing your gift!!

  8. I was so impressed by her reading! She doesn’t just read the cards but provides insight directly from her intuition as well. I was very grateful for it, and touched by her kindness. I would definitely recommend her as a reader.

  9. Thank you for your reading, a lot of what came up in the reading resonated with me. You also clarified a couple of questions, your guidance was wonderful. You gave me advice about shadow work, which I knew nothing about. A great reading and guidance. Thank you and blessing xx

  10. I had a great reading with Ambyr! She gave a very direct and concise reading that was all full of wisdom and depth.There was a lot of warmth in her reading which was much appreciated! Thank you!

  11. I had the pleasure of a reading from Ambyr and was very grateful for her insightful reading. She really got to the heart of the matter and was able to help me see as well as confirm what was going on in my current situation. She was very kind but also truthful, which I appreciate. I would definitely recommend her for readings.

  12. I had an online reading with Ambyr and it was excellent. To begin with she is super responsive and explains the reading in detail. It wasn’t transactional as she chose to chat and provide further guidance. Very kind yet professional – shares the truth as is. My reading has been an eye opener and thankful to her for giving me the insights. Would definitely recommend her for readings – she is superb!!!!

  13. I’ve had a very deep and accurate reading done for me by Ambyr. It was lovely to communicate with her and discover further insights on the situation I asked about.
    Love and light to all xx

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