Repeating Cards and Synchronicity

Messages from the universe When I first started reading tarot cards, I was a teenager. I didn't know how to channel, use my intuition, or shuffle very well. All of these skills improved after working on them for several years, but I always had patterns of repeating cards. The Aces represent our personal power of… Continue reading Repeating Cards and Synchronicity


The Witch’s Moon unboxing-may 2019

Oh my goddess! This box was oh so gorgeous and resonated so much with my personal journey. Read on for pictures and my thoughts on this month's box! What treasures await inside? Paper treasures This box makes me want to take out my book of Rumi poetry because it is that good! The paper treasures… Continue reading The Witch’s Moon unboxing-may 2019


Sugarmuses Unboxing- April 2019

A very earthy box with a lot of handcrafted love! Beautiful artwork Sugarmuses deluxe April box is simply lovely! The gorgeous olive green packaging and pouches is perfect for this month's theme as it explores fairies and the May Sabbat, Beltane. I adore the beautiful Beltane art! The box includes: *incense *2 crystals *bath salt… Continue reading Sugarmuses Unboxing- April 2019


The Witches Moon Unboxing- April Subscription Box

Self-care, spiritual tools, and witchcraft- I wanted to treat myself to a subscription box and I am so pleased that I did! I am beyond thrilled-this is my first subscription box and I am in love. (No, I have not been paid to do this unboxing although, Universe, I am open to this!) How beautiful… Continue reading The Witches Moon Unboxing- April Subscription Box


Magical Spring Cleaning

Just as the body is a vessel for our soul, so our home is a temple for our body. Happy Ostara! The Spring vibes make me energetic and want to clean everything in sight, so I thought I would post about magical spring cleaning. Witches and cleaning. I see a lot of people, witches included,… Continue reading Magical Spring Cleaning


Ostara altar and two new tarot decks!

The birds are chirping, the weather is warming, and our senses are tingling- It's Spring! Join me as I show you my new altar and a sneak peek at my 2 new decks! It seems I cannot escape dark altar colors. I really tried! I work with dark goddess energies so the deep purple is… Continue reading Ostara altar and two new tarot decks!